Benefits & Specifications:  

SHANNON full height chilled cabinets, with air-cooled self-contained units and varied length options, offer ideal solutions for display and sale of delicatessen, ready meals and prepacked meat products.

SHANNON HYBRID is designed to combine air-cooled and water-cooled self-contained units in a single cabinet. Switching from water-cooled to air-cooled self-contained unit, it is possible to gain heat emission which can be used for store heating purposes.​

  • Exclusive design with double glazing doors only to gain maximum energy efficiency

  • Shannon Hybrid; combine air-cooled and water-cooled self-contained units in a single cabinet

  • Small footprint with compact design

  • Easy access and ergonomic design

  • Fully configurable to different concepts

  • Easily adaptable to changes of product

  • Efficient in energy consumption with higher evaporation temperature

  • Low operating costs

  • Practical fittings designed for simplified installation and maintenance

Dimentions (mm):

Height : 2063


Length : 1250 / 1875 / 2500 / 3750


Depth : 910

Operating Temp. C


HC: R290 / R1270

HFC: R407A / R407F / R134a / R404A

HFC / HFO: R448A / R449A / R452A / R450A


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