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The Environment Management System of Kaplanlar Refrigeration, operating in refrigerated display cabinet design and manufacturing fields and, Kaplanlar Marketing, operating in the sales of the manufactured cabinets with customer-oriented principle, has been established in accordance with our company goals and core values.

All Kaplanlar employees have adopted and committed to comply with the corporate environment policy:

  • Preventing environmental pollution such as soil , air , water,

  • Complying with the current law and regulations related to the environment,

  • Implementing an effective waste management,

  • Eliminating environmental risks with a preventive approach or reducing them to acceptable levels,

  • Adapting to national and international regulations for reducing climate change and conducting studies in this direction,

  • Minimizing the consumption of energy and other natural resources with efficient use of resources and producing long-lived products,

  • Increasing and continuously improving the environmental performance in line with the environmental goals of the organization.



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