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We take the Global Warming seriously and  are concerned about its dire consequences for our planet. Reduction of our carbon footprint and protection of our environment are foremost considerations during the design stage of the products as well as in all activities that follow from manufacturing and delivery to providing services

Kaplanlar offers food retailers a wide and versitale range of products to meet their aesthetic and functional needs in any combination and is capable to accomodate any reasonable changes requested by the customer regarding the product and service


Kaplanlar is apt to give quick response to customer demands and adapts rapidly to market changes with the capabilities and motivation of a customer focused organization




We are turning an idea into a value adding advantageous solution for the customer.

Flexible approach in combining custom solutions with essential modular parts to offer customers new and surprisingly pleasing products is the mainstay of innovations at Kaplanlar.


At its R&D Center, Kaplanlar complements its competent technical and designer teams with state of the art 6 test rooms to ensure the functionality, durability, reliability and sustainability of its products.


Innovation efforts of Kaplanlar R&D teams are driven by the commitment to offer the food retailers efficient,eco-friendly cabinet alternatives which preserve the quality and integrity of the food displayed while making the shopping an eye-pleasing activity for the consumers with aesthetically designed modules.


R&D Center is instrumental in putting the ideas into practice with customer-led innovations for better, new and eco-friendly products. Kaplanlar R&D Center is accredited with R&D certification by the national authorities.   

Energy Effiency

Contact us and discover opportunities to make energy savings in order to reduce your operating costs while contributing to the well being of the planet we live in


Bespoke (Custom) Solutions

Kaplanlar’s design and manufacturing teams have the ability to provide custom solutions for any and all non-standard merchandising needs of food retailers



R&D Center

Test Rooms

Nanotechnology Paint Plant


After Sales Services

After Sales Services of Kaplanlar Refrigeration is an end-to-end solution package supporting the user of the products starting with the installation and continuing throughout the lifecycle of the products



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Kaplanlar Logistics has been certified as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) by the Ministry of Customs and Trade which expedites the customs procedures to reduce time in transit


Kaplanlar Logistics has been certified as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) by the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

We are focused on;


Working closely with our customers to monitor and be always in line with the changing market conditions


Delivering solutions with minimum disruption to store operation and customers.


Bundling of transport across customers.


Continuous monitoring of operational performance results for immediate improvement actions.


Cost effective and flexible transport solutions.


Bundling of product deliveries to site – reducing cost and disruption.

Kaplanlar Logistics Centre

Kaplanlar Logistics warehousing enables us to provide services with greater speed, efficiency and flexibility for sustainable and effective operation of our customers’ supply chains.


Our network of warehouses allow us to offer a broad range of services with door-to-door cargo integrity.

  • Warehousing area of 8000m²,

  • Capacity for storing of 1200 display cabinets,

  • Four loading docks with electro hydraulic dock levellers,

  • Four cargo lifts, each with 4 tons load capacity,

  • 24/7 video surveillance,

  • Location numbering (shelf addressing),

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform,

  • Information Security Management Standard ISO 27001.

With the AEO Certificate, Kaplanlar Logistics will be administering expedited customs clearance checks for the freight with no vehicle stoppage at Internal Customs Administrations which means shorter transit time.

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