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​R&D holds great importance regarding the correct development of Turkey and for the effective use of the country’s resources.

Kaplanlar Refrigeration, which has developed its own technology and is featured in international competition in its sector, approaches R&D as a part of its world-scaled growth strategy

Our goals are to specify requirements for the construction, characteristics and performance of refrigerated display cabinets used in the sale and display of foodstuffs.

ISO 23953 specifies test conditions and methods for checking that the requirements have been satisfied, as well as classification of the cabinets, their marking and the list of their characteristics to be declared by the manufacturer.


We are focused on;


  • Focused on working with customers to react to the changing market conditions.

  • Developing new concepts – visualization, fast track prototyping and trials, cost effective managed volume roll out.

  • Capability across a wide range of materials - high end finishes to value based solutions.

  • Innovative product solutions – flexible approach combining bespoke solutions with a core modular product range.

  • Focused on delivering solutions with minimum disruption to store operation and customers.


  • Lifecycle Cost Management

  • Focus on easy maintenance features – component replacement, cleaning.

  • Working strategically with the supply chain to develop robust components.

  • Developing customer specific products tailored to their operational and lifecycle needs.

  • Energy efficiency – component selection, refrigerants, continuous improvement, supply chain collaboration.

  • Focus on environment, re-use, recycling and final disposal.


Kaplanlar R&D has been approved and certified as R&D Centre by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of the Turkish Republic. Becoming a R&D Centre has solidified our mission to achieve what we are focused on.


Our products are tested according to varied climate conditions in 6 advanced test laboratories that are operated in accordance with EN ISO 23953 International Standards. Our test laboratories have received accreditation as a result of studies carried out at the University of Bristol in the UK and Tubitak ‘’The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey’’.


  566m²                R&D Offices

  717m²                R&D Test Laboratories

1283m²                Total Area reserved for R&D purposes

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