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As "Kaplanlar Refrigeration INC." operating in the field of Market Cabinet Design and Manufacturing, our corporate policy, which forms the basis of our Energy Management System also is in line with the corporate purpose and corporate context of our company and supports our strategic direction, is stated below.

All employees of the “Kaplanlar Refrigeration INC.” have adopted this policy and are committed to adhering to it.


  • To increase energy performance by using existing energy and natural resources efficiently in all our processes.

  • To comply with legal and other requirements regarding energy.

  • To follow current sectoral technologies and provide the necessary resources in order to increase energy performance.

  • To turn energy efficiency into a part of our working culture in order to achieve energy goals and objectives and to have a sustainable understanding.

  • To use energy efficient products to improve energy performance, purchase services and prioritize energy efficiency in design activities.

  • To improving our energy management system, continuously.

  • To plan for the transition to renewable energy sources and adapt to these plans.

  • To improve the energy use awareness of our employees.



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