Use Less, Reduce Waste 

Respect for the Evironment

Reduction in energy consumption, minimizing the carbon footprint and expanded use of renewable energy sources.

Project-specific Solutions

Availability of a wide variety of products and systems enables us to offer customized solutions to fit each and every requirement of the customer.

Energy Efficiency

Innovative solutions not only simplify the system, but also reduce maintenance costs while providing products with longer life cycles.


The condensing units designed for outdoor installation with an integrated air-cooled condenser and an electrical control panel.
The condensing unit is designed for creating user-friendly interface in line with the reduced size, easy installation, and optional sound-insulated applications.

Capacity Range


0.75 KW  -  15 KW


0.75 KW  -  25 KW


The Multi-compressor Standard Pack series perfectly meets the
requirements of customers with varying format sizes in their
store portfolio. The range is offered with 2 to 6 compressors,
either in hermetic scroll or semi-hermetic reciprocating
compressors. With both internal racks and externally located
packaged plant the Multi-compressor Standard Pack range
has a product to suit every application. Various types of frame
including open frame, sound-insulated frame, and non- sound
insulated closed frame options are available.


The pack is user friendly and is manufactured for ease of
installation. Low energy consumption makes it extremely
efficient.It is designed with compact dimensions and offers
additional design features such as sound-insulation for quiet

Capacity Range


3 KW  -  100 KW


8 KW  -  250 KW


In order to save space, the Multi-compressor Slim Scroll Pack is perfectly designed to cater for the customer with limited space available for plant positioning.


The pack provides the following optional features; internally or externally housed packaged plant, internal or externally located receivers, sound-insulated frames, and non-sound insulated losed frames.

The Slim Scroll pack range is available with 3 to 10 scroll compressors, for both positive and negative applications, dual temperature units are available on request.


The range is specially designed for space-saving installations with low maintenance requirements such as in the food retail convenience sector.

• Ideally suited to convenience and small supermarket retail applications
• Ranging from 30kw to 100kw in single or dual temperature configuration
• Supplied with the customers choice of compressor or controls
• Complete with remote 30 or 80 L receiver
• High pressure coalescing oil separator
• Traxoil high pressure electronic oil level regulator per compressor
• Plant delivered with full back up control
• Fan speed control as standard with overnight setback for high ambient conditions
• Fully integrated control panel

• Internal rack designed for easy installation in store room or back of house
• Internal rack supplied with acoustic option
• External rack complete with fully weather proof housing
• Complete with anti-vibration pads as standard fitting


3 KW  -  40 KW


30 KW  -  100 KW

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