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Our Sustainability Approach

The sustainability management approach encompasses managing governance, environmental, and social impacts and processes to achieve sustainability goals.

Kaplanlar considers sustainability management as a strategic framework for long-term success. In this regard, the company adopts a sustainability management approach that includes steps such as identifying the context, communicating and engaging with stakeholders, managing sustainability performance, evaluating risks and opportunities, establishing mechanisms for monitoring goals and objectives, identifying improvement activities, and ensuring communication and reporting.

The company meticulously outlines processes that play a crucial role in achieving sustainability goals through detailed studies. It has developed a sustainability modeling that corresponds to the content of the Management, Planet, and People/Society categories, in alignment with “Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics.” Thus, the company aims to achieve a performance that is in harmony with the 2030 global agenda, providing access to sustainable finance.

For Kaplanlar, sustainability is not just about having a strong R&D capability and providing high-quality products and services; but also creating an environment that can support these efforts, analyzing environmental and social impacts in all activities, conducting rational risk analyses in light of global developments, and managing all processes with clear goals with qualified teams.


Sustainability Main Committee

All sustainability subcommittees work in coordination to support the corporate purpose and vision, align with global developments, be sensitive to global and local risks, and approve the goals and commitments clarified by the sub-committees through analysis. MainCom is the highest decision-making body for all activities at Kaplanlar, deciding on facilitative activities and investments necessary to achieve these goals.



Environmental Subcommittee

The subcommittee focuses on conducting the necessary efforts to achieve climate neutrality and develop a resilient structure against climate change. The committee is dedicated to clarifying goals and commitments in this area. In this context, it establishes a roadmap for the activities to be carried out, ensuring continuous monitoring and management of performance.


Social Subcommittee

The subcommittee aims to develop stakeholder relations, prepare all stakeholders for the future, continuously improve work and employment conditions, and carry out innovative activities that are in line with global trends and meet the needs. It establishes a roadmap for these purposes, ensuring continuous monitoring and management of performance.



Governance Subcommittee

ShareCom will establish a roadmap to ensure the continuous monitoring and management of performance, as well as the coordination of goals and commitments, with the aim of conducting risk and opportunity analyses for the future, covering all stakeholders and our entire value chain, starting from the main sector in which we operate. ShareCom will focus on maintaining the competence of personnel capable of conducting such analyses, ensuring their continuity, promoting ethical business practices, and continuously improving and coordinating the performance.

Sustainability Reports

Kaplanlar Sustainability Report 2022



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