Kaplanlar is an ideal place to work for the professionals who want to put their competencies into use for undertaking challenges to provide products and services for a global customer base.If you take pride in doing your best to overcome the demanding challenges and to achieve the targets set by the company as well as the targets you set for yourself personally, then you are the right candidate to enjoy working in a harmonious environment along with supportive colleagues at Kaplanlar.


As a full-fledged commercial and industrial company Kaplanlar offers job opportunities for graduates from various disciplines such as engineering,sciences,business administration, humanities,etc. as well as for technicians with vocational training in a wide range of departments,i.e. Sales&Marketing, R&D,Engineering, Quality,Manufacturing, Maintenance, Planning, Purchasing, Logistics,Finance,IT,HR and Administration.  


While working towards achieving your career objectives and growing along with the organization ,you will be part of a team who takes pride in their Company’s social responsibility and community involvement activities, as well as enjoying recreational activities provided by Kaplanlar.

An important social responsibility activity event undertaken at a global level by Kaplanlar was an International Caricature Competition in 2017. It was sponsored by Kaplanlar with the aim of drawing attention to climate change and creating awareness for the environment. There were 1400 caricature entries from 31 countries worlwide.An international team of judges selected the 1st,2nd and 3rd place winners who were awarded by Kaplanlar and the 97 finallist caricatures were exhibited at the Bursa Nilufer Municipality Art Gallery for the public to visit and see.You can see the prize winning caricatures by clicking here.


We believe that our people working aligned with our common vision, mission and values makes the difference in Kaplanlar’s performance.

​In line with this precept we provide our employees healthy and safe,respectful, and diverse and inclusive work place with opportunities for learning and advancement in their careers based on fair assessment of their performance.

Kaplanlar is committed to being fair and upholding merit as the sole criteria in all its human resources processes.


HR Policy

Some of the recreational activities enjoyed by the employees at Kaplanlar are as follows:


Special Lunch Events

Footbal Tournaments

Tickets for sporting and theatre events


Karaoke Nights


Table Tennis

Seminars and Talks

Bowling Tournaments





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