Kaplanlar is committed to the promotion of health and safety across our business. Everyone has a part to play in ensuring safety is at the forefront of our minds in whatever we do. 

To uphold the health and safety of everyone involved in our operations,Kaplanlar will:

  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment;                         

  • Adhere to the Kaplanlar Health and Safety Policy in addition to the relevant legislation;

  • Consider health and safety as integral to all operations;

  • Continually seek to improve our health and safety performance by reviewing it regularly;

  • Provide appropriate information, training and resources to all employees to enable them to meet their health & safety responsibilities;

  • Listen and respond to employee feedback;

  • Demonstrate the importance of health and safety by including it as a Key Performance Indicator in all operations;

  • Treat violations of the Kaplanlar Health and Safety Policy extremely seriously and take appropriate disciplinary action in response; and

  • Only work with suppliers and contractors who insist on equally high standards of health and safety practices.


The effectiveness of this Health and Safety Policy will be reviewed on a regular basis.