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As Kaplanlar Refrigeration (Kaplanlar Soğutma A.Ş.) which operates in the design and production of refrigerated display cabinets and as Kaplanlar Marketing (Kaplanlar Pazarlama A.Ş.) which operates in their sales and also adopts customer orientation as a principle, our Occupational Health and Safety Management System policy indicated below is prepared in compliance with the purpose and context of the corporation. All of Kaplanlar Soğutma and Kaplanlar Pazarlama employees made commitment to adopt following Occupational Health and Safety 

In order to protect everyone who work in our operational area Kaplanlar Soğutma ve Kaplanlar Pazarlama A.Ş.; 


  • To adhere legal rules  and necessities related to Occupational Health and Safety 

  • To accept Occupational Health and Safety as a part of Daily operations 

  • Identifying risks, preventing potential hazards in terms Occupational Health and Safety.  

  • Providing Occupational Health and Safety environment in order to prevent work related incidents physical injury and laceration 

  • Cooperate with our contractors to increase their aweraness and reduce their operational risks 

  • Providing information, resources, information and training in terms of Occupational Health and Safety 

  • Receiveing and responding employee’s feedback regarding Health and Safety issues, 


  • Improving and maintaining Occupational Health and Safety performance 



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