The Quality Management System of Kaplanlar Refrigeration Inc, operating in refrigerated display cabinet design and manufacturing fields and , Kaplanlar Marketing Inc , operating in the sales of the manufactured cabinets with customer-oriented principle , has been established in accordance with our company goals and core values as below:

All Kaplanlar employees have adopted and committed to comply with the corporate quality policy.


  • Customer Satisfaction,

  • Increasing one’s market share,

  • Ensuring one’s continuity in processes,

  • Preventing injury and health impairment,

  • Preventing of environmental pollution,

  • Compliance with applicable legal and other requirements related to occupational, health and safety , environment,

  • Eliminating environmental and health and safety risks with a preventive approach or reducing to acceptable levels,

  • Minimizing the consumption of energy and other natural resources with effective resource utilization and producing long-live products,

  • Making actions to increase the satisfaction of our employees,

  • Continuous improvement.


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