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Kaplanlar Refrigeration shows that it is determined to obtain the highest standards of ethic trade throughout its expanded supply chain. Kaplanlar Cooling, aims to form its Ethical Trade Policy both with its suppliers and its subcontractors by meeting at a common opinion.

Objective: Kaplanlar Cooling recognizes the cultures, norms and traditions and the national laws within the supply chain and accepts and respects these rules and cultures. Some suppliers may come face to face with more complicated subjects. In situations like these, Kaplanlar Refrigeration vows to work towards providing an effective action with all relative organs. As Kaplanlar Refrigeration, we work together with all of our suppliers with the aim of improving our work force and enhancing the public’s quality of life. Context: this policy is valid for Kaplanlar Cooling’s suppliers at a global basis and for the subcontractors and everyone else that they are in relation with. The Ethical Trade Criteria are as shown below:

1. Respect towards legal regulations
2. Working conditions are safe and hygienic
3. No child labour is used
4. Working hours are not excessive
5. No discrimination
6. A production process respectful towards human resources is requested for
7. There is no permission for harsh, cruel and degrading treatments
8. There is no permission for bribery, illegality, blackmail or tyranny

Application: Kaplanlar Refrigeration sustains its work with collaboration with its suppliers. The application of the policy brings with it mutual supervision and field visits. Our aim is for this policy to be established. We are aware that our duty is to provide the responsibilities of trade managers and suppliers within daily trade and supply chain operations. Standard working procedures are an inseparable part of trade operations. Our obligations as Kaplanlar Cooling are;

1. Responsibility
2. Risk evaluation/analysis
3. Communication
4. Personnel Training
5. Supplier Audits
6. Precautions
7. Corrective measures
8. Holding written reports

Kaplanlar Refrigeration researches new opportunities and sources in order for the manufactured products to fulfill the requirements of its customers. In this sense, the improvement of our suppliers and carrying out manufacture fit for purpose is among its objectives. Providing short or long-term technical support to our suppliers regarding product safety and quality will contribute in reaching the objectives.

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